Complementary Therapy

Complementary holistic therapies can treat specific physical, emotional or mental problems and can do so much to improve a person’s mental attitude or help relieve pain and illness.


Complementary therapies greatly boost the immune system, while also improving mental attitude and emotional well being.

Tension, stress and illness create blockages within the energy centres known as ‘chakras’ and all the energy pathways Of the body.

This can lead to pain, injury, fatigue, depression and immense stress to the immune and bodies systems.

Complementary holistic therapies aid relaxation, purify the body and unblock vital energy pathways to restore a natural healthy balance.

Mind, body and soul are treated completely as a whole preventing illness and giving a feeling of spiritual, emotional and physical well being.

Complementary therapies Can:

Boost immune system

Improve circulation and lymphatic system

Eliminate toxins

Restore and balance body

Increase energy levels

Reduce stress

Relieve pain and tension


Complementary therapies include:

Reiki Healing



Massage therapy

Hot stone massage

Indian head massage

Hopi Ear Candling

Complementary therapies

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