Reflexology has its roots as far back as the ancient civilisations of Egypt, India and China, it was brought to the west in the 20th century by Dr William Fitzgerald.

Reflexology is a natural therapy which works on the feet to encourage the body to heal and restore its own healthy balance. Using a pressure point massage to work on a particular reflex point that stimulates the reflex action related to the corresponding muscle or organ.

Reflexology is a safe, effective treatment that stimulates the body to search for its point of balance by working with the autonomic nervous system and encouraging vital flow to blocked nerve pathways and any blockages within the body's energy zones to relieve illness, discomfort and stress.


It works on the physical, mental and emotional body achieving physical and mental well being.

Relief can been given for many ailments including but Not limited to:


Anxiety Headaches
Indigestion Backache
Menopausal Symptoms IBS
Insomnia Asthma
Stress Colds